Brain and BodyJip is seventeen, on the verge of coming out to his parents, looking forward to his adult life. But his world is blown apart in the space of minutes one night, when he is the victim of an horrific attack in a public toilet.


When Jip comes out of a coma, he has lost his memory. With a shattered brain and shattered body, he is unable to remember anything of the attack, unable to remember his life before the attack – he cannot even recognise his own family. To encourage him to rebuild his body, his mother takes him to the local gym where he meets Kasper; beautiful, androgynous Kasper, who takes Jip under his wing and endeavours to help him recover his strength.


Yet with his attacker still on the loose, Jip’s life is in constant danger. And with a memory that can be so effortlessly manipulated, the lines between fact and fiction, friend and enemy, can be all too easily effaced.






“Frost provides a thoughtful study of self-image and its effect on well-being. The simple, lucid style makes this a highly readable book.” The Times.


“Richard Frost has produced an astonishingly assured first novel . . . Wise, witty and deeply critical . . . not only does this excellent novel work on all sorts of levels, it also has a mystery element that keeps you on edge right up to the end.” Gay Times.


“This quick debut novel is at turns ominous and optimistic, highlighting the ability of people both to heal and to harm others grievously.” Library Journal, USA.


Brain and Body is a sparely written but emotionally demanding novel . . .. This is ultimately an extremely angry denunciation of homophobia and sexual hypocrisy in an apparently liberal community.” Jerry Brotton, Amazon. co. uk.



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